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Share Your Expertise, Teach for OLLI Mason!

  • To teach a course for OLLI Mason, please complete the online course proposal form found at:  Ensure that you click 'submit' at the bottom of the form. You may also download and print the form and submit it to the OLLI Mason office, ATTN: Program Associates.
  • Course ideas or questions about teaching can be emailed to
  • If you plan to teach a course associated with a trip or performance, you need to submit both a course proposal form and a trip/performance form to allow staff to secure all needed resources (bus, tickets, etc.) associated with your trip/performance. The trip/performance form can be found at:
  • Please note that proposals are due approximately 6 months before the start of each term due to catalog production deadlines. Deadlines for submitting course proposals are as follows:
Winter 2025: January 21—February 14
(Proposal due date: July 25, 2024)
Spring 2025: March 24—May 16
(Proposal due date: October 7, 2024)
* Summer 2025: June 23—August 1
(Proposal due date: January 27, 2025)
* Fall 2025: September 22—November 14
(Proposal due date: April 9, 2025)
  • OLLI Mason member volunteers in program planning groups review and select course offerings for each term from proposals submitted by prospective instructors.
About Our Teachers
  • OLLI Mason welcomes dynamic and engaging volunteer instructors to share their knowledge, passions, and hobbies with our community of lifelong learners. (note: OLLI Mason does not financially compensate instructors)
  • OLLI Mason instructors include all types--those who have taught in a university or other educational institution, as well as those who have not taught before but have a particular expertise, art, hobby, or interest to share. OLLI Mason instructors and students enjoy exploring intellectual issues together without the pressure of exams or grades.
About Our Classes
  • Classes are offered during daytime hours in our four-week winter term, eight-week spring term, six-week summer term and eight-week fall term. For term dates, click here.
  • Classes can be multi-session lectures (lasting 2 to 8 weeks) or one-time lectures. Sessions are 85 minutes long.
  • Instructors may choose to teach virtually, utilizing the Zoom platform, or in person at one of our campus sites. Instructors may also choose to teach using a hybrid format, with both an in-person and virtual component. 
Instructor Benefits
  • OLLI Mason members are engaged and appreciative lifelong learners. Instructors will be rewarded by members' intelligence and curiosity.
  • Instructors who are not OLLI Mason members may attend a maximum of two courses, during each term they teach, on a space-available basis.
  • Instructors will enjoy invitations to special events and receptions hosted by OLLI Mason.

Online Course Proposal Form

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