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We are currently accepting proposals for Spring Term 2020 and Summer Term 2020.
Share your Expertise, Teach for OLLI!

  • To teach a course for OLLI, please complete online the course proposal form found at:  You may also download and print the form and submit it to the OLLI office, attention "program associate." Class ideas, questions about teaching or preliminary proposals should be emailed to
  • If you plan to teach a course/presentation associated with a trip or performance, you need to submit a course proposal, with description, so we can place it in the catalog. We will also need you to submit a special event form to allow staff to secure all needed resources (bus, tickets, etc.) associated with your trip/performance. The special event form can be found at:
  • OLLI member volunteers on the Program Committee, and in site and subject area Program Planning Groups review and select course offerings for each term from proposals submitted by past and prospective instructors.  Please contact a Program Associate at if you would like information on joining a program planning group.

About Our Teachers

  • OLLI Mason welcomes dynamic and engaging volunteer instructors to share their knowledge, passions and hobbies with our community of lifelong learners. 
  • OLLI Mason faculty includes all types of instructors, those who have taught in a university or other educational institution, as well as those who have not taught before but have a particular art, hobby or interest to share.  OLLI faculty and students enjoy exploring intellectual issues together without the pressure of exams or grades.

About Our Classes

  • Offered during daytime hours in our four-week winter term, eight-week spring term, six-week summer term and eight-week fall term. For term dates, click here.
  • Held at locations in Fairfax, Reston and Loudoun. For directions to our sites, click here.
  • Two categories: Once-a-week courses lasting 2 to 8 weeks and onetime presentations. All of our class sessions are generally 85 minutes long.

Instructor Benefits

  • A classroom with engaged and appreciative lifelong learners.
  • Instructors who are not OLLI members and were not for the previous term may attend a maximum of two courses during each term they teach on a space-available basis, with members who register having priority.
  • Enjoy invitations to special events and receptions hosted by OLLI Mason.

Deadlines for submitting course proposals

  • Spring 2020, March 30-May 22, proposal must be received by October 11, 2019. 
  • Summer 2020, June 22-July 31, proposal must be received by January 31, 2020.

Online Course Proposal Form

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